Natural Wine Freak

Here are some places that'll make you wanna scream out loud "Ich bin ein Berliner!"


Ernst - Wedding

One place to rule them all, sort of. Ernst is a 12 seat restaurant showcasing Dylan Watson-Brawn's brilliant work during a meal you're not bound to forget. To make things even more exciting the wine list is a collection of gems from Germany and France like you've rarely seen and that alone would be worth the trip to Berlin...

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JAJA - Neukölln

I hate to say that, but yes, it did take a French guy to open Berlin's perfect wine bar! Working directly with most producers allows Etienne and Julia to get a selection of bottles from France, Germany and abroad that would make most Parisian bars blush! The food matches the quality of the wines and the prices are true to Berlin, what else can we ask for?

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Motif Wein - Neukölln

The Weserstrasse is Neukölln's backbone and home to many of the coolest bars in town. Hence no surprise that Motif Wein decided to settle at number 189, paint the walls blue and start pouring natty juices while playing hand-picked music in the nicest atmosphere there is. All the bottles are lined up on the wall to make your choice easier, or not...

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Naturales Weinbar - Kreuzkölln

A very cool addition to the already charming Friedelstrasse, Naturales Weinbar is a cosy, relaxed place to hang before a stroll by the nearby canal or a night out in a bustling Neukölln district. Wines by the glass with an emphasis on Spain and Southern Europe and a short but mouthwatering tapas menu is what you can expect there.

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Viniculture - Charlottenburg

A shop that's been around since 1984 and that's seen its wide assortment evolve ever since. Holger Schartz, who's been running the place for more than ten years is famous in Germany for being a real "talent scout" with a soft spot for unfiltered, low-intervention wines... need I say more?

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Passion Vin - Kreuzberg

Imagine a place that stores all you favorite French producers, from Champagne to the Loire, from Beaujolais to Burgundy... well, imagine no more, that place exists and it's in Berlin! Passion Vin has an impressive selection indeed and stocks them all, from the long established organic winemakers to the new funky kids on the block.

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Ottorink Weinbar - Kreuzberg

Nestled on a small street minutes away from the lively Kottbusser Tor and its famous Döner joints, Ottorink is an oasis of calm that serves all sorts of wines, by the glass or the bottle and tasty snacks. Not 100% natural but surely enough options to quench your thirst!

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