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Where to eat and drink

"What are the hottest spots right now in Paris?" is a question I must have heard a million times! Truth is, I always try and take the time to answer, because, as a matter of fact I care for people to eat and drink properly when they're visiting a city that I know. The time has come to gather all those tips in one same place - *here*. 



Paris will always be Paris, right? I mean, it is a very special place for me, being the city in which I truly started getting into natural wine and the one place where I spent some of the craziest nights be it at Brutos, Coinstot or the usual Sundays at Cave Septime. If you wish to read more about the unmissable, hottest spots in town, wait no more and click right here.


'Poor but sexy' used to be the way people would refer to the German capital but that time seems long gone! In an effort to keep track with what's been happening throughout Europe, Berlin has seen many bars, restaurants and wine shops alike blossoming around town over the past few years. Here's a short selection of those you shouldn't miss if you're in for the natty stuff!


Who would expect Switzerland to even have cool places where one can hang out and grab a cold glass of skin-contact Chasselas?! Well, turns out things are moving, slowly but steadily and I you want to know what this new movement is all about, you know what to do...