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Paris, the city of love they say. Paris, the city of food and wine love I say


Vantre - 11e

Paris' best wine list? Could well be. No place has such a wide selection that ranges from the cool kids to the great classics. Oh, and their food is outstanding too.

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Le Rigmarole - 11e

WOW. It’s not often that a restaurant blows me away as much as Le Rigmarole did. Head there yourself to experience Jess and Rob’s inventive take on yakitori and their sublime pasta. As for the wines, brace yourself and let Crislaine take great care of you, she’s the one…

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Le Cadoret - 19e

A true "Bistro de quartier" that's been completely revamped by Louison and Léa to offer homey food and some lucky finds from France and the rest of the world.

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Brutos - 11e

Nothing beats Brutos' charcoal grilled beef, except maybe Ninon's smile and her precise wine selection. Surely one of the hottest openings of 2017.

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Coinstot Vino - 2e

The ultimate place for the night's last drink with a dangerously smart selection of Loire Valley gems. Try the Nduja pizza if you're hungry.

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Restaurant A.T. - 5e

Atsushi Tanaka is the one Parisian chef everyone is talking about, and everyone is bloody right! Next level food in your plate, next level wines in your glass, so if you're in for the special one, search no more.

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Saturne - 2e

The wine list at Saturne is so insane you won't believe your eyes. Gladly, their somm will be there helping you out and making sure you get just the right gem, or gems actually.

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Le Repaire de Cartouche - 11e

Surely by far the best option for your Sunday lunch! Rodolphe's "Pâté en croûte" and "Poulet aux morilles" are out of this world, and you're sure to find something great on the wine list to round your meal up.

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La Buvette - 11e

Camille's dream bar. Whether you're just in for a glass at the counter or feel like sitting down for a bottle, you'll have to try those white beans, they're life-changing-

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Septime - 11e

There’s not much need to introduce Septime… but if you’re looking for the best lunch offer in town and some crazy wines by the glass poured on the pairing, well, you know where to go!

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Clamato - 11e

Seafood, fish, oysters, you name it, at Clamato everything you'll have was still in the sea the same morning. Everything except the wines, obviously. No reservations but always a few seats waiting for you.

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Septime La Cave - 11e

Yet another place that you can't miss. Forget about the world famous restaurant, La Cave is where you really want to go! Stunning selection of wines, cosy atmosphere and tasty small plates to keep you fed, it's got all you need.

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Clown Bar - 11e

You can't go to Paris and no try the duck pithivier at Clown Bar. Modern French bistrot food with Japanese influences and a sick selection of low-intervention wines will have you spend a great time there.

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La Cave des Papilles - 14e

One of the first wine shops to go all natural when it opened back in 2007, La Cave des Papilles offers the widest selection you'll find in town. Next to the usual suspects, expect some labels from all over the world and a fair bit of larger formats too.

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Le Bistrot Paul Bert - 11e

The whole Rue Paul Bert is packed with great restaurants and it's always hard to pick where to stop, but head to Le Bistrot for the real deal!

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Faggio Pizzeria - 9e

Thin, crunchy pizza and thirst-quenching natural wines sounds like heaven on earth? It does, and that heaven exists in Paris and is called Faggio.

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Faggio Salumeria - 9e

If you’ve loved the wine you had with your pizza, head next door, and get into the Salumeria. All sorts of cold-cuts, cheeses, pasta and Paris’ nicest looking walk-in cave. A must.

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Faggio Osteria - 9e

Another Faggio? And why not?! Osteria, right across from the pizza place, offers a more refined cuisine, home-made pasta, delicious grilled dishes and an even deeper wine list!

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Jones Restaurant - 11e

Once known as Bones, the place has been on the forefront for many years and is still rocking it with its open kitchen, carefully picked drinks and tasty small plates. Open every day.

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Les Arlots - 10e

If you're looking for the real French bistro experience, head to Les Arlots. The vibe, the staff, the food, the crowd, it's all there to ensure you spend a hell of a time. Creative selection of wines from abroad too.

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Racines Paris - 2e

Simone Tondo took over Racines' kitchen and he's rocking it with his exquisite Italian food, 'al dente' pasta and some energetic grape juice from Italy and beyond.

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Le Verre Volé - 10e

A cellar is packed with treasures and walls are full of bottles for you to pick. Le Verre Volé always is a safe bet for a refreshing glass of wine after a stroll by the canal.

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Restaurant Passerini - 12e

Giovanni Passerini is widely recognised as Paris' best Italian chef and that reputation is highly deserved. What people sometimes ignore is that their cellar is packed with gems and juices that are just as tasty and desirable as Giovanni's cuisine.

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La Cave de Belleville - 19e

You wouldn't expect to find such a place lost in the middle of Belleville, surrounded by dumplings joints and Chinese supermarkets! But while you're in Belleville to fix your ravioli cravings make sure to pay the Cave a visit.

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Le Mary Celeste - 3e

Maybe one of Paris’ most underrated wine lists. There are some gems on there, trust me, and new ones are added regularly too. You should really go check it out when you're in town.

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228 Litres - 9e

Finally a real, good, wine bar in Pigalle. The team at 228 Litres have partnered with iDealwine to bring a wide selection of crus by the bottle or by the glass at very competitive prices.

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Le Saint-Sebastien - 11e

American influenced cuisine, yet a very European wine list, with back vintages, more serious wines, and some perfectly chuggable Gamay. Hard to not find a bottle to your tastes.

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Margo - 11e

Margo might well be the best late-night bar to grab a very decent bottle of wine at a not so decent hour. Unrivalled selection and cosy atmosphere will have you stick around late in the night…

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La Cave à Michel - 10e

Always packed when it's 'apéro' hour in Paris, La Cave à Michel offers tasty bites made by Romain Tichenko that will be awesomely paired with a bottle of their cool range.

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Restaurant Massale - Paris 11e

A very fresh approach when it comes to the wine list. At Massale, don’t expect to simply bump into the same labels over and over again, just at like any other bar in the 11th… Lesser known regions and wines of the world get the lion’s share, and the food deserves as much praise!

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Dilia - 20e

Totally worth the extra drive, Dilia is one of Paris' best Italian restaurant and with a new sommelier on board they've boosted their list too. Go there for a simple plate of pasta at the counter or sit down for the tasting menu, either way you're in for a treat.

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La Cave Paul Bert - 11e

No better place to down a bottle of Alain Castex’ Canta Mañana before your Sunday lunch. Or before any other lunch or dinner, for that matter.

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Aux Deux Amis - 11e

While you’re wandering around the 11th in search for your next drink, make sure to grab one at Aux Deux Amis. Their “Epicerie” next door also sells some natty bottles to go.

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116 by Pages - 16e

In case you lost your way far into the 16th arrondissement, worry no more, head to 116 and get your fix of natty juice. Bonus point for some outstanding sharing dishes!

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Yard Restaurant - 11e

Just when you thought the Parisian wine scene couldn't get any better, there comes Yard! The wine selection is hard to beat, with a strong focus on the Auvergne and Jura and the food is just as great.

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